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Please review, sign, and return the forms below in order to book your transport. Once forms have been received from both parties, we will be in touch to make pick up arrangements. 


Seller's/ Senders(Animal Breeder) Information

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Buyer's/ Receivers Information

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Important things to remember when shipping with us....

1) NO DOG WHICH IS LESS THAN 8 WEEKS OF AGE CAN BE TRANSPORTED. By signing this form, the individual requesting transport certifies that the pet being transported by Ship Pets Online is at least 8 weeks of age on or before the timeframe it has been scheduled for pick-up.   

2) A valid HEALTH CERTIFICATE issued by a Dr. of Veterinary Medicine no sooner than 10 days before the scheduled delivery date must be obtained and travel with your pet. Complete medical records or shot records are not acceptable and CAN NOT be used as a substitution. Any animal appearing to be ill will not be transported.  Also please make sure the animal has been bathed prior to shipment, and we recommend using a flea treatment.

 PLEASE have the Emergency Care Authorization, Health Certificate and copy of Rabies Certificate in a manila folder or envelope upon pick-up of your pet so that nothing will be left behind.   

3) We require a copy of the current rabies certificate to accompany your pet if the dog is over 4 months of age. 

4) We do NOT provide food to feed all of our transports. We recommend you supply the food the animal is currently eating to avoid bowel upset. If you wish to have your own feed, then we require a 5 lb. bag, or up to 7 days of food be sent with each pet as well as a properly fitted collar. We will provide everything else to ensure your pet has a comfortable trip. Please label your food bag with your pet’s name and feeding instructions, i.e. amounts and frequency of meals. Please note that, unless otherwise specified, your pet will have access to their water and food several times a day. Special dietary requirements must be noted on a separate sheet and given to our drivers when they arrive for pick-up. We will provide bottled water, ice and treats unless otherwise specified. 

5) Understand that at no point during the scheduling of a transport that a specific date and time can be given for pickup or delivery of your pet. We will only state the day or range of days of the transport until such time the transport has actually commenced. At that point, we will give our estimated pickup and delivery dates and then contact you within approximately 24 hours from pick up and delivery. It is further understood that these are solely estimates and although we will make every effort to adhere to any date communicated to you by Ship Pets Online, there are many unforeseeable factors which do influence the dates given for a transport which include but are not limited to: weather, road conditions, and acts of God.   

6)  The length of the transport of your pet(s) is determined by routing, weather and/or traffic conditions and other factors during any given transport and could potentially last up to 14 days. While a seven to fourteen day transport is rare, they do happen. All efforts will be made to keep you informed as well as your pet(s) comfortable throughout the transport.  We may, due to unforeseen circumstances, need to stop driving for the safety of the animals on board from time to time due to road conditions etc. 

7) For the safety of our drivers and our other client’s pets, we reserve the right to refuse transport of any pet that displays signs of aggression. We cannot transport animals that have a tendency to be aggressive or vicious. If when our drivers arrive to pick up your pet(s) and determine that transportation of the pets(s) would be dangerous to either; the pet(s) being picked-up, our other clients pets, or our drivers, we reserve the right to refuse service and no refund will be given. In addition, we will not transport any animal requiring a muzzle or other restrictive device. If your animal becomes aggressive during transport, it may become necessary to leave them in their carriers for part or even all of the transport. You will be notified and special arrangements may be required to expedite the delivery of your pet. Should this arise, additional expenses incurred for the expedited delivery of your pet will be billed to you at a rate of $2.00 per mile from the point we are detoured from our normal route to delivery location. 

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